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Back to Blog Most old homes and businesses in Oregon have some lead pipes in their plumbing systems. All homes should be fitted with a filtration system that removes lead, heavy metals and chlorine.

There are many good brands on the market with replaceable filters.

I use a PUR system for our drinking water in our home.

They are very affordable and can be purchased online or at any of the big retail stores.

Showering and Bathing Water in Portland has high levels of chlorine.

Although chlorine helps kill off unwanted organisms in our water it also has many harmful effects on our health.

When water is heated, as in a shower or bath, the chlorine becomes aerosolized.

Aerosolized chlorine is then absorbed in the lungs in huge concentrations.

In addition to drying out our skin, and therefore aggravating many skin conditions, this aerosolized chlorine affects our thyroid.

Chlorine is a halogen like iodine, and when the body absorbs chlorine it kicks iodine out of the thyroid and can wreck havoc on that most important endocrine organ.

Anyone with a thyroid condition Dutch Guard caries a filter for the bath.

It fits over the end of the faucet and then water runs through it.